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Nov 7, 2017

Partner Hunting!

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I am a Sydney-sider looking for a partner - happy to join up with a man / woman. Am a reasonable runner and swimmer - looking to have a focused event and a heap of fun. If you are looking for a partner too, give me a shout!





Oct 23

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  • davefollmer
    Feb 22, 2018

    Hello, Are there any swim/run biathlons in Australia ? It does not appear to exist in Perth. I heard that in Singapore they have a 1500m swim and 10K run combination. At the moment, I don't have the time to train for triathlons and also find it costly to get a bike and maintain it but would like to venture into the swimming side. I know there are plenty of open water swims but I just like this combo. Out of curiosity, are there any other CRs out there who would participate in a swim/run biathlon if it exists ? Thanks ! I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http://www.coolrunning.com.au8565/forums/index.php?showtopic sales video marketing
  • danpaech
    Apr 23, 2017

    Hi Everyone, welcome to the Rottnest SwimRun community forum! Here you can discuss anything related to SwimRun, whether that be training sessions, equipment, finding a partner, race day information and logistics, or anything else that you think is worthy of discussion! Cheers, Dan, Tim, Angus and Michael