Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can you remove shoes during swim and carry them in a dry bag or similar?

A. No. Shoes should be worn at all times - this is for safety from the rocks and reefs, as well as to continue the tradition of what is a free flowing adventure racing event without the typical 'transitions'


Q. Does wearing a normal pair of running shoes place you at a significant disadvantage compare with specific runswim shoes with little moisture retention?

A. Not really - most people wear trail running shoes as they tend to be more lightweight compared with standard road running shoes. You basically want your shoes to be as lightweight as possible, and to make sure they drain easily.

Q. What type of socks are the best?

A. Nylon is better than cotton (compression socks or similar).

Q. How is the race number worn?

A. A race singlet bib will be worn over the top of your preferred race wear (bare skin, rash shirt, tri top or wetstuit). As with the shoes, socks etc we recommend you do some trials and training with different gear to find out what will be comfortable for you on race day.

Q. Are flippers permitted?

A. Flippers are not permitted. You can use hand paddles and pull buoys (which help with the extra drag you get from swimming in shoes)

Q. The size restrictions on the pull buoy are a little unclear.  Is the max size 10cm x 16cm for the 2 smallest side

A. The pull buoy restriction is as stated in the rules, not bigger than 60 cm x 100 cm, a very generous size limit

Q. Do both people need to independently carry the supplies specified

A. The supplies are per team. Two whistles, one first aid bandage. For safety reasons each person should have a whistle but how you carry the other supplies is up to you.


Q. Can we tether ourselves together?


A. Yes, that is allowed. If you are using a tether, keep in mind that you need to be within 10 metres of each other in the water and on land.


Q. Is there much rock climbing that would make normal running shoes impractical.


A. There will be no rock climbing. Running will be restricted to roads, signed trails and tracks, some beach sand running for swim entry/exit points. 


Q. Will the course be changed in the course of bad weather?


A. Potentially, yes. The two elements for consideration are wind and swell. In the case of extreme wind and swell, some swims (particularly on the south side) may be removed. There is a set procedure in place for this and will be covered further in the race briefing.


Q. What nutrition is available at aid stations?

We will be supplying water, sports drink, bananas and shotz nutrition gels. It's always a good idea to carry extra gels with you. 

Q. Do you get a chance to provide any of your own supplies at the aid stations

A. No. You can carry additional nutrition or utilise what is supplied by us, which includes bananas, gels, sports drink and water.




Q. What time is the race briefing?

A. 9:05 am