Race Details

Rottnest Swimrun is the premiere Swimrun event in Western Australia. The race is a challenging 33 km course comprised of approximately 28.5 kms of beach, road and trail running and 4.5 kms of swimming. The race is divided up into 11 swims and 12 runs around the beautiful Rottnest Island (see course map).


Teams of two race together and complete a series of swim and run sections of varying lengths, without changing (i.e. shoes are worn while swimming).


Date: TBC, 2020

Start Time: 9:30 am

Number of teams: 150 (300 people)


SwimRun is raced in pairs - entry is for teams of two only

- $279 per person* plus GST, booking & payment

processing fee

* non Triathlon Australia members will need to pay an additional $17.50 for

compulsory race insurance. This can be purchased as an add-on during


Included in the ticket price:

  • Race timing

  • Nutrition and hydration

  • Race vest

  • Swim cap

  • Rottnest Swimrun T-shirt

  • High resolution photos


Entry criteria

  • To participate entrants must race in teams of two (male-male, female-female, mixed)

  • Team members must be at least 18 years old on the date of the race

  • Team members must be fit enough to complete the course (do not underestimate the difficulty of swimming and running this far in potentially hot and windy conditions)

  • Re-sale of tickets is not permitted

  • Teams may change one team member of the same gender prior to the race, please inform us if you wish to do so

Timing and cut-offs

There will be cut off times applicable at each energy station. They will allow for a maximum of (approximately) 9 minutes/km running and 30 minutes/km swimming.


Equipment and clothing

  • Shoes must be worn at all times

  • Flotation devices (e.g pull buoys) and hand paddles are permitted

  • Pull bouys must be less than: 60 cm x 100 cm

  • Teams must carry the following items with them at all times:

    • Two whistles

    • One first aid bandage (waterproofed)

  • All teams will be provided with a Rottnest SwimRun race bib and swim cap


  • Teams of two must stay together at all times and must remain less than 10 metres apart on land and in the water

  • Teams must arrive at each energy station as a pair

  • Teams must follow the marked course at all times 

  • If you withdraw you must notify a volunteer staff member immediately

Participant responsibilities

  • Know and follow-the race rules

  • Take care of your partner and other race participants

  • No littering (automatic disqualification), bins will be provided at energy stations

  • Sign the event disclaimer prior to the commencement of the race

  • Bring everything with you necessary to complete the race