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REVEALED: Home of the Quokka also has one of the best endurance events in Australia - with a twist.

May 9, 2019

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Q&A with Cameron Ewers, once a newbie, now a Swimrun veteran

November 14, 2017

In 2017, Cameron Ewers signed himself up for Rottnest Swimrun with good friend Charles Angliss. Although they had swum open water events before, they entered with a degree of trepidation, not feeling sure if they were fit enough to go the distance on land and sea within the allocated cut-off times. Having enjoyed himself and the event so much, in 2018 he decided that his company, Pure Leasing, would like to support another WA-owned venture, and become a Gold Level Sponsor.


A: Hi Cam, thanks for joining us. So you were an inaugural competitor in the 2017 Rottnest Swimrun, how was the experience?


C: Terrifying… as some will know, I am not exactly ‘built for speed, endurance or athletics’… So the initial decision to participate was probably taken a little too lightly, and 1st April 2017 came around very, very quickly. But seriously, the mantra of the day was ‘finish at all costs’, and that’s what we did. The sense of satisfaction when we finished was immense. The event had the perfect balance, it was extremely challenging physically, but didn’t take itself too seriously, maintaining a fun, laid back vibe, which certainly helped the less competitive competitors like us, ‘The Chafe Bro’s’.


The Chafe Bro's 


A: Becoming a new Dad just before the race as well as a business owner, you must have been busy leading up to the event. I know you a regular in the pool, but not so much of a regular runner. How did you prepare for the event and juggle everything else at the same time?


C: The truth is, I was actually in extremely bad shape leading up to the race… on top of my commitments at home and in the office we also had the introduction of Uber Eats in Perth, which may have been the biggest thorn in my side… But honestly I trained a little bit extra but was underprepared for the event, especially the running. It was a tough day out!


A: When you are as busy as yourself, a work life balance that includes training for events like this is obviously tough, but is that ‘have a go’ sort of approach something you encourage your employees at Pure Leasing to do too?


C: For sure. We certainly encourage our team to ‘have a go’ and fulfil their goals, whether that be in sports events or in other areas. We have a history of supporting WA events which encourage people to challenge themselves, and the team really enjoy getting involved in these.


On top of that I am a firm believer that in order to perform well at work, you absolutely need to invest time in your health. Registering for events like Rottnest Swimrun helps keeps me accountable and out there training, and I really need that.


The Pure Leasing Team 


A: You and Charles (Cam’s partner for Rottnest Swimrun 2017) have swum a duo together in the Rottnest channel swim in the past, how does that experience differ f