Q&A with Cameron Ewers, once a newbie, now a Swimrun veteran

In 2017, Cameron Ewers signed himself up for Rottnest Swimrun with good friend Charles Angliss. Although they had swum open water events before, they entered with a degree of trepidation, not feeling sure if they were fit enough to go the distance on land and sea within the allocated cut-off times. Having enjoyed himself and the event so much, in 2018 he decided that his company, Pure Leasing, would like to support another WA-owned venture, and become a Gold Level Sponsor.

A: Hi Cam, thanks for joining us. So you were an inaugural competitor in the 2017 Rottnest Swimrun, how was the experience?

C: Terrifying… as some will know, I am not exactly ‘built for speed, endurance or athletics’… So the initial decision to participate was probably taken a little too lightly, and 1st April 2017 came around very, very quickly. But seriously, the mantra of the day was ‘finish at all costs’, and that’s what we did. The sense of satisfaction when we finished was immense. The event had the perfect balance, it was extremely challenging physically, but didn’t take itself too seriously, maintaining a fun, laid back vibe, which certainly helped the less competitive competitors like us, ‘The Chafe Bro’s’.

The Chafe Bro's

A: Becoming a new Dad just before the race as well as a business owner, you must have been busy leading up to the event. I know you a regular in the pool, but not so much of a regular runner. How did you prepare for the event and juggle everything else at the same time?

C: The truth is, I was actually in extremely bad shape leading up to the race… on top of my commitments at home and in the office we also had the introduction of Uber Eats in Perth, which may have been the biggest thorn in my side… But honestly I trained a little bit extra but was underprepared for the event, especially the running. It was a tough day out!

A: When you are as busy as yourself, a work life balance that includes training for events like this is obviously tough, but is that ‘have a go’ sort of approach something you encourage your employees at Pure Leasing to do too?

C: For sure. We certainly encourage our team to ‘have a go’ and fulfil their goals, whether that be in sports events or in other areas. We have a history of supporting WA events which encourage people to challenge themselves, and the team really enjoy getting involved in these.

On top of that I am a firm believer that in order to perform well at work, you absolutely need to invest time in your health. Registering for events like Rottnest Swimrun helps keeps me accountable and out there training, and I really need that.

The Pure Leasing Team

A: You and Charles (Cam’s partner for Rottnest Swimrun 2017) have swum a duo together in the Rottnest channel swim in the past, how does that experience differ from doing a Swimrun together?

C: It was a completely different experience. It feels like a far more ‘team orientated’ experience than the channel swim, as you are doing everything side by side, rather than taking turns. It’s more social too, you can chat to your partner and other teams. It was more of a bonding experience I’d say, a great event to foster an excellent mateship.

In a duo on a channel crossing it is difficult to say ‘who carried who’ or ‘who actually covered more ground’, so you can kind of get away with doing less work if you are the weaker partner. In Swimrun however, you are really in it together, and need to put in equal effort and use different techniques to help push your partner along. At about 23 – 24kms into the swimrun this year, it became fairly clear that I was struggling and I wanted Charles to carry me, but that’s just not possible, I had to keep swimming and running!

A: Based on that, any advice on picking a partner for the race?

C: Definitely someone that you’re about equal with fitness wise… someone tolerant (if you’re likely to find yourself with someone fitter than yourself like I did). Someone that shares similar attitudes and goals for the event, and someone that is a really good mate… this is not the sort of event that you want to invite your latest Tinder friend to.

A: Pure leasing has been on an upwards trajectory over the past few years, tell us a bit more about what you are doing, and why you have chosen to get involved with a small but upcoming event like ours?

C: : I started Pure Leasing here in Perth in 2010 with a desire to fill a void in the market place. Unlike many traditional real estate agencies that are generally sales focused with property management ‘on the side’, we are a specialist property management agency and I am very much a ‘hands on’ director that actively works day to day in the business.

As for the why and how we got involved, it started with a really great experience for me at the 2017 event. There was a really warm, inviting, light hearted vibe on the day, set up by you guys and then acted on by the all the people involved. I liked that. Although I didn’t know many of the other competitors it was a great bunch of people. We really like doing business with people that share the same values, so raising awareness about what we do, amongst the right company, is always going to be beneficial. Also, Rottnest is one of my favourite places, I spend a lot of time there, I love seeing people respecting it, enjoying it and making the most of it, and it is a great privilege to be in a position to be able to support such a great event which aligns with all of that.

A: Lastly, as a Gold Level Sponsor you have a race spot included, will you be representing Pure Leasing in this year’s Swimrun or will you be sending in some hired guns?

C: Haha, no I will be there, for better or worse, representing Pure Leasing in Rottnest Swimrun 2018. Will we win? Will it be a pretty sight? Absolutely not… But more importantly, we will participate and no doubt we will have a fantastic time being a part of it.

A: Thanks for your time Cam, see you on March 10… and please start training ;)

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