Rottnest Swimrun: November 16 2019

Dear Swimrun Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a great Christmas break and are spending some time relaxing and training over the summer.

As we communicated late last year, due to scheduling difficulties, the next edition of Rottnest Swimrun is later in 2019 - with the new event date being Saturday the 16th of November.

Tickets will be going on sale Wednesday June 19th @ 5pm WST through our website.

For those of you who are new to Swimrun, it is a team event raced in pairs, so make sure you line up a teammate nice and early!

Photo credit: Total Sports Photography

We are endeavouring to grow the event sustainably, so in 2019 will increase the number of teams from 100 to 150. The course will get some small tweaks, but remain largely unchanged. Thanks to those who gave feedback after last year's race, we have read each and every response carefully and will be implementing some small changes accordingly.

Photo credit: Ren Hall (@ren.hall)

Interest in Rottnest Swimrun continues to grow, with almost 800 people now on our mailing list. But with Rottnest Swimrun still some months away, you might be looking around for another Swimrun to keep your toes wet! Luckily our friends the Flow Bros are putting on a mainland mini series called Shoreline Swimrun. The second race in the series is coming up on February 2nd - be sure to check it out.

We hope to see those of you who have supported and enjoyed the Rottnest Swimrun back again in 2019, as well as some fresh faces.

We will be communicating more regularly now, and have further details on the new registration process and race logistics out in the next couple of months.

All the best and happy Swimrunning.

Dan, Tim, Angus & Michael.

Rottnest Swimrun


Photo credit: Ren Hall (@ren.hall)

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