Rottnest Swimrun will become your favourite competition

Swimrun sports activity originated in Sweden a little more than 10 years ago. This sport began to develop rapidly and covered almost the whole world. The format of the competition involves teams completing a route on land and water.

The tournament is characterized by a test of endurance, as the participants complete the race from start to finish without changing clothes between the running and swimming disciplines. In addition to the gruelling distance, athletes swim in shoes and run in wetsuits without the possibility of changing them.

Participants must carry all necessary equipment with them. For runners, it’s a way to show off your physical strength, enjoy the scenery and have fun with your friends.

A wonderful combination of sport and nature is embodied in the Rottnest Swimrun. As the premier running event in Western Australia, the event takes place every few years. Venue Rottnest Island. There, a group of two people compete along one route 32 kilometres long. Participants have to complete 10 stages of swimming and the same number of stages of swimming.

Athletes must have the strength to swim 4 kilometres and walk or run a distance of 28 kilometres. Participants will be able to enjoy all kinds of roads, there will be sandy beaches and winding paths and highways warmed by the sun.

The difference between swimrun and a simple run is the presence of a combination of a simple run and a section that needs to be swept. That’s why teamwork is important. Having a person as a companion, one must understand that cooperation will feed each other’s strengths and allow one to compensate for weaknesses.

Athletes must be trained in endurance and strength. Only joint preliminary preparation will help pass this competition. A team will complete the route as fast as its slowest member.

In general, such swimrun are held in coastal areas, so participants have the opportunity to enjoy nature and test their own strengths. Many partners test their relationship for support and stress resistance. This is a competition about the partnership, exchange of experience, and teamwork.

Apart from the main prize, there is also the Royal Gold Medallion for Bravery. It is awarded to the team for completing the route and solving difficulties. Groups usually have problems with inventory.

Sometimes it happens that someone gets sick, an example was when during the competition a member of the team fainted and a teammate began to perform resuscitation procedures before the arrival of doctors. They were awarded for their bravery.

Take into account the previous competitions

During preparation for the swimrun, you can focus on the previous results of the participants. In general, the results of previous years are different, but there is a tendency to reduce the time of passing the route.

But the number of participants increases from 51 contenders for victory in 2017 to 152 two years later. It can be seen from the tables that there are different teams in the leaders, regardless of gender.

2019 Rottnest Swimrun

Team  Time Category
The King and COK 03:04:44 Male Group
WildOatsXX 03:14:12 Male Group
Butch & Sundance 03:19:18 Male Group
Musky and Bakesy 03:22:42 Mixed Group
Dark and Stormy 03:31:21 Male Group


2018 Rottnest Swimrun

Team  Time Category
Back to back 03:13:51.8 Mixed Team
Back to the beach 03:21:14.0 Male Team
Swim Smooth 03:30:26.7 Male Team
Sinky Legs 03:34:22.8 Male Team
Ari & Rach 03:34:52.9 Female Team


2017 Rottnest Swimrun

Team  Time Category
Old bloke; young chick 03:36:17.5 Mixed Group
Turtles 03:44:57.3 Male Group
Saltwater Quokkas 03:41:47.9 Female Group
Lane 8 specialists 03:43:35.8 Male Group
The Twins 03:48:30.3 Male Group


Passing through scenic places, the route contains many dangers and difficulties. Such a test will definitely inspire future achievements and give an understanding of one’s own strengths. An event worth taking part in, whether as a participant, spectator or volunteer.

New acquaintances and different emotions are guaranteed to accompany the swimrun!