Features of successful participation in Rottnest Swimrun

A number of rules to follow for successful participation in Rottnest Swimrun. Athletes in a pair must have certain skills and abilities. Correct application of strength and available endurance accompany success in the competition. The equipment makes the competition process easier and faster.

If the equipment is misused or the rules are ignored, the situation becomes difficult and even dangerous. The following things are mentioned as a guide to avoid problems.

Before deciding to participate in the Rottnest Swimrun, check the route and read the reviews. The 32-kilometre distance is not conquered by athletes for the first time. Rationally evaluate your strengths and, as an alternative, take part not in the whole game, but in a certain part of it.

Prepare in advance, and buy clothes and shoes. This is not an event where you take a change of clothes with you. Convenience and comfort should come first. Shoes should not fall off or have materials that are difficult to dry. Bright colours can be decisive in a water emergency.

If you have problems with long distances for swimming, be sure to take a tow float or traction buoy. The rules of swimrun allow the use of flotation devices with a size of 100 cm x 60 cm. Equipment complicates the run because it is carried with you, but it will provide additional safety during the swim.

Be sure to take training courses. For awareness of the team’s skills, training are held before the start of the swimrun. This is an opportunity to gain new useful knowledge.

Do not ignore the main rule of the swimrun – safety

Compete fairly and with respect for other participants. If you arrive at the point with drinks simultaneously with another team, do not rush to drink first. Do not create obstacles for other participants and help each other in case of trouble. Read and follow the rules of the event.

The safety kit that every player should have consisted of a first-aid kit with minimal filling, a compass, a map, a whistle and a telephone. The latter is better to protect with a waterproof case. You never know what will happen and whether you will need help.

Do not blindly follow the previous command. Their direction is not a guarantee of the right path. Focus on several competitors. Follow the marked road that is known in advance.

The route is marked with ribbons and flags along the route on land, and signs with the direction of movement are installed at the forks. In the sea, the extreme route is marked by buoys and kayaks.

Ignorance of things doesn’t exempt from consequences!