The more you know about Rottnest Swimrun, the more successful you will not pass it

Rottnest Swimrun is a combination of two sports in one event. The venue is Western Australia, where there are very loving places. It is precise because of the unusualness of the activity and the beauty of the route that every time there are many times more participants.

Looking for information about participation and possible difficulties, beginners do not always learn about additional equipment that can facilitate their debut at this competition.

The basic kit for participating in such a race and swim is a wetsuit, comfortable shoes and socks, safety glasses and a small bag for extra things. A few people know that for convenience during swimming, you can use caps and earplugs.

There are many types of swimming caps. The material can be latex or silicone, and the latter is considered stronger. It is worth choosing the right size so that the equipment is not too tight or does not leak or rub off. A swimming cap of bright colour will serve as an additional reference point in case of an emergency and the athlete will be noticed more quickly.

Water is not an obstacle

Fins are devices that help you swim faster. A cool option for those who are not very successful in swimming. It is worth taking into account that you need to spend extra time changing sneakers for flippers and that you need to carry them with you while running, which is not very convenient.

SwimRun rules do not prohibit the use of any small flotation devices. Most people use a traction buoy, which makes sailing much easier. Buoys should be chosen depending on the expected lifting force for your legs. The more weight, the more float you need. Its weight is small, so it is convenient to tie the thing on the leg so that it won’t interfere with movement during running.

A tow rope or cord is another indispensable item for beginners. There are several ways to use it. The partner won’t swim a long distance from you in the water. A better-trained athlete may help a weaker one by pulling him along both during running and during swimming. Such support in difficult areas is important for successful teamwork.

A tow float helps improve swimming performance. Being attached around the waist, it will keep the larger part of the body afloat. You should use them for rest. You may also use them to tow things with you.

The better prepared a person is, the easier it will be for him to cope with difficulties on the route!