Don’t forget to bring it with you to Rottnest Swimrun!

Swimrun is a swimming and running endurance event. Good physical fitness is a key to victory, but we advise you to prepare equipment. Due to the impossibility of changing clothes or shoes, it is necessary to approach the choice of equipment carefully.

A wetsuit is a mandatory part of the equipment for participation in the race. Universal models are usually used to move freely in it and to keep it warm during swimming. Musthave at the competition is a small first aid kit, a compass and a whistle.

Shoes are the second important thing that should not be ignored. Running shoes should not only be comfortable for long-distance technical running but also light and suitable for swimming. They should fit tightly so that they do not move away and do not get lost during swimming.

Do not absorb a lot of water and dry quickly. The sole should not slide on wet stones and should not absorb a lot of water and drain well. Running in wet shoes on slippery rocks requires good traction, so good traction on the soles is essential.

Choosing the suitable shoes will help to avoid calluses because when the feet get wet, the skin softens, and they become more prone to pain and chafing. You can use socks. There are special models for such competitions, they are made of special material.

Small things that have a big impact

Goggles are useful when swimming. It is the best assistant for orientation in open water. There are many variations of this equipment, so you should choose the most suitable one. It is worth checking the glasses in the process.

They may fog up or not fit tightly. Such little things will have a significant impact in the long runswim Such glasses should be replaced. Some participants take the second pair of spare glasses for a change.

A bag/hydration pack serves to carry various necessary items. It can be a small first aid kit, a compass, a map, water or a spare snack. Bringing more things, sportsmen should be prepared for running and swimming with the excess weight that the bag will create.

Hand paddles are allowed during the swimming. They add additional power to strokes, speeding up the swimmer. Among the variations, it is better to use oars with hand straps to avoid losing things in open water.

Their successful use requires preliminary training because using additional things requires good technique and a significant load on the shoulders and back muscles. Plus, you will need to carry them with you all the time.

Using the appropriate equipment, the athlete will speed up and strengthen his physical skills. Such modernization is not considered cheating, but it significantly affects the results in swimming!